Friday, September 09, 2005

The word for today is... Depth

Wow! I'm amazed that I'm actually making another post here. I am deadline driven, or at least assignment driven... It's hard for me to get anything done with out having the proverbial piano hanging by a thread above me. So here's my second Illustration Friday assignment! Depth!

The Flash illo was something I had created a few weeks ago. I was fascinated with cut paper and started creating "cut paper" figures in Adobe illustrator. They were to be test runs for the actual cut paper piece. Needless to say, I have not reached the cut paper stage yet.

Anyhoo, even though it's a very two dimensional looking piece, I used size and colour to convey depth of field. The other restriction I had set for myself was that I wanted to use only stratight lines... no curves. I added in the cityscape as an homage to Carmine Infantino. Carmine was the artist on a great number of Flash comics in the 60's, and he created these expansive futuristic cityscape backgrounds. The Flash always seemed to be running in a giant open tiled square, with the city looming miles in the background.

So there you have it.


Toni said...

great angles here that give a lot of action and depth.
Nice illustration.

garth bruner said...

I love the bright colors against the monochrome background. I don't know if because this was just a study, that you didn't color the background, but it's very effective this way. Nice perspective to Flash as well! Glad you're blogging!