Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's story: "Crime DOES Pay" or "Grandma Was A Kleptomaniac"

Who'd have thought a stolen ashtray would've rewarded me with a contest win? Not I... and certainly not my grandmother when she decided to "borrow" an ashtray she admired from the Woolco's cafeteria in 1979.

Have I lost you? Let me back track.

Patricia Storms, a talented illustrator (and a super nice and encouraging person as well) has illustrated a book called Good Granny/Bad Granny written by Mary McHugh. Patricia was running a little contest to find the best Good Granny/Bad Granny stories from readers of her blog called Booklust.

I submitted the tale about my grandmother's indiscretion and it was chosen as one of the winning entries. You can read my tale here. I'm eagerly awaiting my autographed copy in the mail.

Christmas is coming so if you have a Granny (good or bad) you may want to think about picking up the book and popping it under the tree for her. Um, but even though my tale of shoplifting turned out well, you should probably think about paying for your copy before you leave the store.