Monday, September 26, 2005

Illustration Friday - Fresh!

Ok... Look I had a completely different idea than what's posted here. I had this drawing I did of a bunch of fresh underpants. Nunderpants, Thunderpants, Wonderpants etc etc... But I don't have a scanner. That meant I'd have to carry this sheet of paper all the way to work on the commuter train. Too much effort to try and keep it flat and uncrumpled, especially when the jackass sitting next you has to open his legs so his "boys" have some room to lounge about. But I digress.

I borrowed from a few other things I did and came up with this gem.

Oh that bee... what a rascal... what a rapscallion. He's just trying to get some. And the flower is all "Access Denied". Yeah wait till your petals turn brown and your leaves sag.. you'll wish you had bees buzzing about you then. You'll be lucky to find an earwig willing to climb your stem.


Wilnara said...

Very Cute! This made me think back in college when I went my hubby!!! :-)

Aravis said...

This is very funny!