Tuesday, January 23, 2007


You may remember my earlier post about starting the new year off right, with one of my patented bouts of social awkwardness.

Well, today redemption was mine.

Once again I was making my way through the underground PATH system and thinking about doing a blog on my inner monologue of my travel that morning through said underground. I happened to turn my head to the left just in time to make eye contact with the same former high schooler I mentioned previously. This time the interaction went much smoother, although I think that was partly due to the fact that we were both being swept along in opposite directions by two opposing rivers of commuters.

She said "Hi" and called me by my name.

I said "Hi", and the rivers carried us away before I had a chance to muck things up further. Ahhh, the sweet satisfaction of a job well done.

I think I was most impressed that she remembered my name. Not because I am completely forgettable. It's just that on the very rare occasions when I do run in to someone that I peripherally knew in high school, I'm usually addressed by the name of either of my two life long pals. The person usually gets me right on the third try.

Hmm I should ask my pals if the same thing happens to them. Fellas, care to weigh in?

Anyway... today I'll bask in my small victory of not making an ass of myself again.

Tomorrow... well that's another day.


msfitzita said...

Okay, enough with the random encounters with ladies you used to know.

Let's start talking about stuff that really matters.

Like me, for instance.

Annnnnnnd GO.

ess said...

Done and done...

cjzben said...


I have a wealth of social awkwardness myself surrounding names and never remember them. My greatest achievement in regard to names thus far is that I have never been able to call my MIL by her name (Dolores - come on it's asking for trouble)and I think if I am very lucky I may be able to avoid having to use for the rest of my life. 6 years down...many more to go.

- Debbie