Thursday, March 15, 2007

Supergirl Costume Change

Project Rooftop held an open call for the redesign of Supergirl's costume, but by the time I found out, they had already chosen which entries they were going to feature on their website. Oh well... better late than never. So here's my late entry.

I kind of gave her a preppy uptown look. Nicely fitted sweater, shirt with cuffs, and of course a kilt. Who can resist a kilt. Not I.

Oh and I figured she'd probably want a small handbag to hold some must-haves. Gotta have somewhere to put a compact in case your makeup gets smudged when Bizarro drops a building on you.

So... here she is. Stylish and ready to kick some ass.

Oh, and if you like this image... you might like this or maybe this.


Anonymous said...

Me likey! While Supergirl is all fine for the regular folks, where's my man Firestorm in all these fine illustrations? Let's give the guy the respect that he deserves.

msfitzita said...

I like it! Actually I kind of want this outfit...

msfitzita said...

Okay, not that I don't think you did an excellent job with Supergirl's outfit and all, but when are we going to see a new blog entry from you???

Poke. Poke. Poke.