Friday, July 07, 2006

Hello Wisconsin. And you too South Carolina.

I’ve installed a site meter on my blog at the behest of my better half, and I’m really digging being able to see who visits my site. Don’t worry... I don’t know who you are, I just know roughly where you are from and how you got here. Wisconsin? South Carolina? Folsom?

I seem to get quite a few hits from people doing a search for the words “Starbucks shaken lemonade iced tea”. And you know... I’m thrilled, because if there’s one thing I wanted to achieve in life, it was to become a corporate shill, let alone one for a company that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m just waiting for the flood of people looking for “Hummer” and “micro-penis”.

I’m not quite sure if this is a quirk of the the way the site meter logs things, or just the supreme boringness of my writing, but people seem to visit and immediately exit giving them a total visit time of 0 seconds. Some come back repeatedly to spend 0 seconds not reading what I wrote. Wow... Repeat customers who get nothing of value from me. Take that, Starbucks.

So listen.. If you drop by and feel like spending and extra 2 to 3 seconds on top of the 0 seconds you normally spend here, stop and say ‘hullo’, and tell me why you came.

By the way, just an update on my previous post about doing the little things and being a hero, well I kind of dropped the ball. I thought I was doing a heroic thing the other day by hustling out of my parking spot so that a woman who was sitting and waiting could pull in quick. Unfortunately all I got was static, wild hand gesticulations and the cuteye from her. I then called her a fornicating rotund sow under my breath (not exactly, but you can figure out exactly what I called her if you’re smart).

Not good. I’ll try harder... Promise.


mscooter said...

Well since you asked I'll tell you why I'm here - I'm a friend of SuperGirl's and enjoy reading your blog. That dot on the west coast of Canada is me.

carolina800 said...

South Carolina checking in - I stumbled across your blog via your wife's - and I stumbled across hers via ivillage. I used to post to the TTC board years ago, when we were all TTC. I too am a mother of an angel. I gain strength from her words as she walks her path. I look forward to her posts, and yours when she references you, as she is able to articulate in ways I cannot what it is like to grieve a child.
God bless you and your family!

Shinny said...

Wisconsin stopping by! Found you via your wife and you now are on my favorites list, you rock!

As for the 0 second stops, I pop in, if you haven't put anything new up since my last stop, I pop out. Perhaps that is what is happening. Hope that doing that doesn't mess up your stats too much.

Oh, loved the turkey meatballs but I put way too much hot sauce, I don't measure anything, and we had firey turkey meatballs, good thing we had beer in the fridge. ;)

ess said...

Hey... dat's a one-a spizy mittball-a!

Wow you must have dumped a cup of hotsauce in there, but glad you enjoyed... Flank steak recipe coming soon.

cjzben said...

Saying a big Hi from massachusetts.

I am another crazy sidekick of your super girl, one of her ticky tacky friends. She first pointed me to your blog and I like to check in to see what's new and look at your pictures.

I may just sign in and out 20 times today to drive you crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Chris from the T-dot! Just visiting your site while I sit in the office next to you. Just to let you know I alaways stay at your site for more than 3 three seconds. Yes, I know no need to thank me, it the least I can do. Just buy me lunch or throw me a frozen bagel once in know where I'm at.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Southern California, I came from your wife's blog and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know I visit there either. I don't even recall how I stumbled across it, but her entries are unbelievably touching. And yours I see now are quite comical, so I shall come back to visit. Maybe even give my self an identity here.