Thursday, January 12, 2006

Illustration Friday - Sea

"Ever been to sea, Billy?" asked Captain Highliner.

So "sea" is the word of the week. Tough one.. tough one. I'm going to think laterally here and go with these air freshener designs I did a while back. Why? Well listen, I had a piece of tuna steak last week that was so fresh it tasted like it came out of the sea.

See? Fresh... Sea... Fresh... Sea.

All right fine. I know it’s a stretch, but I love the little pine tree in the top left, and isn’t that piece of Wrigley’s Gum on the right just adorable?

I really love getting comments, it’s great validation. The only thing is that when you post your link on Illustration Friday, you only get to see the current posting. So my dear friends, please feel free to poke around and look at my other posts. You’ll be amazed, delighted, amused... Or perhaps it may put you to sleep, but you’ll never know unless you have a look.

And I am out... Seeya soon.


Rachelle said...

Alright that is kind of a stretch (like I should really be the one to talk). ;) But I love those air freshner designs. A stick of gum as an air fresherner is a great idea! lol

GhettoFab said...

Wonderful Blog! Love your colors. Thanks aload for comin to my blog and I realy appreciate the kind and thoughtful words of encouragement. I still have yet to get the strength to make my sons blog, so Id be thankful if you could send me a link to your childs blog. Your post helped tremendously and actually read it before goin to group which helped brighten the day some.

Anyways If you would drop me an email with that blog link Id highly appreciate it. Again thanks as I appreciate you extending yourself out and wish you and yours many blessings.